As early as prehistoric times, humankind was fascinated by the night sky and all of its beauty. For centuries, philosophers and scholars would attribute magical properties to the bright stars and the Milky Way. In more recent times, we understand better what these mysterious objects are, and we can observe far more than our ancestors – planets, clusters, galaxies, and nebulae.

And while we now know that no magic is involved at all, the view still remains magical and fascinating. The reason is that even though we have come along so far, there is still so much that we can learn.

Astronomy is a gateway for a wide range of amazing hobbies that are all related to each other. From terrestrial observations to deep sky objects exploration, you will be able to learn about optics, cameras, binoculars, physics and the history of the universe.

Thanks to Astronomy For Beginners, let’s start with these 25 astronomy facts that will leave you speechless.

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