Missing Minerals: How Soil Depletion is Affecting Our Daily Nutrition

There are probably about a million different ways to think about the important nutrients your body needs to be at its best. For the majority of us, thinking about the topic brings up images of healthy, garden-fresh foods or colorful plates that would make a dietician crack a smile. Others may think about protein shakes […]

How to create a zero-waste home? 10 easy & actionable tips

We, humans, are causing extraordinary damage to the environment and destroying the Earth’s wilderness. But, our choices as an individual can help to reduce that impact. Creating a zero-waste home could greatly help. Helen O’Keeffe of EZ Living Interiors created an infographic showing 10 actionable tips to create a zero-waste home.

Endangered Species Around the World

According to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, currently, 27% of all assessed species are threatened with extinction, which means more than 31,000 in numbers! In the last 250 years, 571 species have been confirmed extinct. Have you ever wondered how so many species have become endangered? There are many reasons but to name […]

4 Amazing Reasons Environmentalists Promote Hydroponic System to Farmers

The benefits of hydroponic systems for the environment are now getting a lot of two thumbs up from many environmentalists. Some of the best hydroponic systems are being recognized from all around the world as sound best practices for agriculture. You can learn more about the best hydroponic systems from this website! Here are a […]

What causes mass death of fish & marine wildlife

Staples to many world economies, and home to millions of species, the ocean has always been a place of mystery and adventure. Sadly, this sense of mystery led industrial-era societies to view the ocean as both fishing grounds, as well as waste disposal sites. This mindset is only now beginning to shift due in part […]

How to Design a Zero-Net-Energy Home

People are starting to build more eco-conscious residences, and zero-net-energy homes are becoming increasingly popular. They can be designed in any style or size, connect to a traditional power grid, and are suitable in all climates. Their versatility makes them incredibly attractive, especially to those looking to save on their utility bills.

Smart Home Tech: Devices for an Eco-Friendly Home

Throughout the years, plenty of things have changed about the way we operate our homes. From the invention of centralized air conditioners to televisions, homeowners are always open to the newest upgrades. But the most recent addition to the home space isn’t just about convenience. From alerting you to carbon monoxide leaks to saving you […]