50 Interesting Facts About Earth

One of the most surprising facts about the Earth is how we easily forget that what an amazing and interesting planet we live on. As Carl Sagan pointed out, “It’s home, it’s us”. It is the only world known planet to support an atmosphere with free oxygen, liquid water on the surface, and, perhaps this is the […]

7 Cheapest Destinations to Visit Abroad

For some people, traveling is beyond a hobby; it’s a way to escape life. But the most crucial decision is where to travel and how to optimize your trip within a budget. Well, we all think that Travelling Abroad is expensive! Planning a trip abroad with family might be heavy on your pockets. It’s time […]

8 Tourist Attractions in the World That Everyone Must See

When we are getting bombed by millions of pictures detailing the beauty of every corner of the world, it becomes tricky to pick one out of it. When every tourist site appeals to us due to the swarms of people crowding them, we all want to find out the list of places that are truly […]

10 Iconic Bridges Around the World You Must Cross

The history of bridges started in ancient times – dating back to Mesopotamia. In the beginning, they were incredibly simple structures built using natural resources like wooden logs, stone, and dirt. But over the course of time, bridges became far more significant than helping civilization get from one land mass to another. They have managed […]

The Costs of Replicating Ancient Architectural Wonders Today

In “Original Copies“, Bianca Bosker looks at a current trend in China to recreate some of human’s civilization greatest architectural achievements. Various elite suburbs in the country feature a variety of world wonders, from a 108-foot copy of the Eiffel Tower to picturesque Venetian scenescapes.

Albert Square, Manchester – a Historical Painting and a Contemporary Photo

Two images, two different times, almost the same composition: Albert Square – a public square in the center of Manchester, England; on the left, as depicted in a 1910 oil painting by the French impressionist painter Adolphe Valette (13 October 1876 – 1942). The Albert Memorial (left) and Gladstone statue (right) can be seen in […]

Hồ Thuỷ Tiên, an abandoned water park in Vietnam

Hồ Thuỷ Tiên is an abandoned water park in Vietnam. It was built in 2004 in an edge of the Vietnamese city of Huế, to the tune of approximately $3 million dollars. The idea was to create a family water park with amusement rides, slides, pools, shows, and an aquarium. But when the park opened […]

Mont Saint-Michel, France, From Space

The European Space Agency (ESA) occasionally posts high-resolution photos of space under the title of “week in images”. This amazing image of the Mont Saint-Michel from space, which was captured on 21 June 2017, is also featured on the ESA’s Earth from Space video programme, presented by Kelsea Brennan-Wessels from the ESA Web-TV virtual studios.

Watch: Iceland Is Growing New Forests for the First Time in 1,000 Years

Iceland was extensively forested when it was first settled. When the Vikings first arrived in the 9th century, the Nordic island was covered in 25 to 40 percent forest, compared to 1% in the present day. In the late 12th century, Ari the Wise (Ari Thorgilsson, 1067–1148 AD), Iceland’s most prominent medieval chronicler, described it […]