Botswana: Birthplace of Modern Humans

The question of where the evolutionary cradle of modern humans lies has long intrigued scientists and historians. The East African Great Rift Valley has traditionally been viewed as the most likely birthplace. However, revolutionary research conducted recently presents a compelling alternative. This groundbreaking study utilizes DNA evidence to trace back the origins of mankind to …

Tadrart Rouge of Algeria – “The Mars on Earth”

Algeria’s Tadrart Rouge is probably the closest place you can find on Earth that kinda looks like Mars. Meaning “Red Tadrart”, Tadrart Rouge is a mountain range in southeastern Algeria, part of the Algerian Desert. The area is roughly 15-30 kilometers (9.3-18.6 miles) large and 150 kilometers (93 miles) long.

Venice from space [amazing photo]

This perfectly-timed image of Venice from space was captured by the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission. A blanket of clouds approaches the historic city’s famous lagoon but seemingly stops short against the Lido sandbar (Lido di Venezia)! You can easily spot the S-shaped Grand Canal (Canale Grande).

The shortest international bridge in the world: El Marco

There’s a bridge called “El Marco” between Portugal and Spain. With a length of 3.2 meters (10.4 feet), it’s the shortest international bridge in the world. It connects the Spanish municipality of La Codosera (located in the province of Badajoz, Extremadura) with the Portuguese Arronches (in Portalegre District).

50 Interesting Facts About Earth

One of the most surprising facts about the Earth is how we easily forget that what an amazing and interesting planet we live on. As Carl Sagan pointed out, “It’s home, it’s us”. It is the only known planet to support an atmosphere with free oxygen, liquid water on the surface, and, perhaps this is the most …

10 Iconic Bridges Around the World You Must Cross

The history of bridges started in ancient times – dating back to Mesopotamia. In the beginning, they were incredibly simple structures built using natural resources like wooden logs, stone, and dirt. But over the course of time, bridges became far more significant than helping civilization get from one land mass to another. They have managed …